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Quatro alienígenas vêm para a terra para conhecer os costumes dos seres humanos.Situações comuns são verdadeiros desafios para o Dr. Dick Solomon (John Lithgow), Sally (Kristen Johnston), Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) e Harry (French Stewart). Além deles, Jane Curtin participa como a Dra. Albright que trabalha com Dick e Simbi Khali como a secretária Nina Campbell.


Nome Original: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Nome Traduzido: Uma Família de Outro Mundo
Status: Finalizada
Duração: 30 minutos
País de origem: Estados Unidos
Nº de episódios: 139 episódios
Nº de temporada(s): 6 temporadas
Exibição: De 1996 até 2001
Sony , Rede Bandeirantes ,Rede 21 , Play TV

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Download Todas as Temporada :

1x01Brains and Eggs09/01/1996
1x02Post Nasal Dick16/01/1996
1x03Dick's First Birthday23/01/1996
1x04Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus30/01/2000
1x05Dick, Smoker06/02/1996
1x06Green-Eyed Dick13/02/1996
1x07Lonely Dick20/02/1996
1x08Body & Soul & Dick27/02/1996
1x10Truth or Dick12/03/1996
1x11The Art of Dick19/03/1996
1x12Frozen Dick26/03/1996
1x13Angry Dick02/04/1996
1x14The Dicks They Are A-Changin'09/04/1996
1x15I Enjoy Being A Dick21/04/1996
1x16Dick Like Me23/04/1996
1x17Assault With A Deadly Dick30/04/1996
1x18Father Knows Dick07/05/1996
1x19Selfish Dick14/05/1996
1x20See Dick Run (1)21/05/1996
2x01See Dick Continue to Run (2)22/09/1996
2x02See Dick Continue to Run, Continued (3)22/09/1996
2x03Hotel Dick29/09/1996
2x04Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space06/10/1996
2x05Much Ado About Dick13/10/1996
2x06Dick the Vote27/10/1996
2x07Fourth and Dick03/11/1996
2x08World's Greatest Dick10/11/1996
2x09My Mother The Alien17/11/1996
2x10Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick24/11/1996
2x11Dick Jokes08/12/1996
2x12Jolly Old St. Dick15/12/1996
2x13Proud Dick05/01/1997
2x14Romeo & Juliet & Dick12/01/1997
2x15Guilty as Dick02/02/1997
2x16Dick on One Knee16/02/1997
2x17Same Old Song and Dick09/03/1997
2x18I Brake for Dick16/03/1997
2x19Dick Behaving Badly23/03/1997
2x21Sensitive Dick27/04/1997
2x22Will Work For Dick04/05/1997
2x23Fifteen Minutes of Dick11/05/1997
2x24Dick and the Single Girl11/05/1997
2x25A Nightmare on Dick Street (1)18/05/1997
2x26A Nightmare on Dick Street (2)18/05/1997
3x01Fun with Dick and Janet (1)24/09/1997
3x02Fun with Dick and Janet (2)24/09/1997
3x03Tricky Dick08/10/1997
3x05Scaredy Dick29/10/1997
3x06Moby Dick05/11/1997
3x07Eleven Angry Men and One Dick12/11/1997
3x08A Friend in Dick19/11/1997
3x09Seven Deadly Clips03/12/1997
3x10Tom, Dick and Mary03/12/1997
3x11Jailhouse Dick17/12/1997
3x12Dick on a Roll07/01/1998
3x13The Great Dickdater21/01/1998
3x1436! 24! 36! Dick! (1)25/01/1998
3x1536! 24! 36! Dick! (2)25/01/1998
3x16Pickles and Ice Cream28/01/1998
3x17Auto EuroDicka04/02/1998
3x18Stuck with Dick25/02/1998
3x19Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man25/02/1998
3x20My Daddy's Little Girl01/04/1998
3x21The Physics of Being Dick15/04/1998
3x22Just Your Average Dick (1)28/04/1998
3x23Dick and the Other Guy (2)28/04/1998
3x24Sally and Don's First Kiss06/05/1998
3x25When Aliens Camp13/05/1998
3x26The Tooth Harry20/05/1998
3x27Eat, Drink, Mary (1)20/05/1998
4x01Doctor Solomon's Traveling Alien Show (2)23/09/1998
4x02Power Mad Dick07/10/1998
4x03Feelin' Albright14/10/1998
4x04Collect Call for Dick21/10/1998
4x05What's Love Got To Do, Got To Do With Dick?28/10/1998
4x06I Am Dick Pentameter!04/11/1998
4x07D3: Judgement Day11/11/1998
4x08Indecent Dick09/12/1998
4x09Happy New Dick!15/12/1998
4x10Two-Faced Dick05/01/1999
4x11Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons12/01/1999
4x12Dick and Taxes02/02/1999
4x13Sally Forth09/02/1999
4x14Paranoid Dick16/02/1999
4x15The House That Dick Built23/02/1999
4x16Superstitious Dick02/03/1999
4x18Dick the Mouth Solomon06/04/1999
4x19Citizen Solomon29/04/1999
4x20Alien Hunter04/05/1999
4x21Dick vs. Strudwick11/05/1999
4x22Near Dick Experience18/05/1999
4x23Dick's Big Giant Headache (1)25/05/1999
4x24Dick's Big Giant Headache (2)25/05/1999
5x01Episode I: the Baby Menace (3)21/09/1999
5x02Dick for Tat28/09/1999
5x03The Fifth Solomon02/11/1999
5x04Dial M for Dick09/11/1999
5x05Dick and Tuck16/11/1999
5x06Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner23/11/1999
5x07Sex and the Sally30/11/1999
5x08Charitable Dick14/12/1999
5x09The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary11/01/2000
5x10Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary25/01/2000
5x11Dick Puts the Id in Cupid08/02/2000
5x12The Big Giant Head Returns22/02/2000
5x13Rutherford Beauty22/02/2000
5x14This Little Dick Goes to Market14/03/2000
5x15Youth is Wasted on the Dick21/03/2000
5x16Dick Strikes Out28/03/2000
5x17Shall We Dick?18/04/2000
5x18Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole02/05/2000
5x19Frankie Goes to Rutherford09/05/2000
5x20Dick Solomon's Day Off16/05/2000
5x21The Big Giant Head Returns Again (1)23/05/2000
5x22The Big Giant Head Returns Again (2)23/05/2000
6x01Les Liaisons Dickgereuses24/10/2000
6x02Fear and Loathing in Rutherford31/10/2000
6x04Dick'll Take Manhattan (1)21/11/2000
6x05Dick'll Take Manhattan (2)28/11/2000
6x06Why Dickie Can't Teach05/12/2000
6x08Red, White & Dick19/12/2000
6x09Dick Digs09/01/2001
6x10There's No Business Like Dick Business16/01/2001
6x11A Dick Replacement30/01/2001
6x12Dick's Ark06/02/2001
6x13You Don't Know Dick13/02/2001
6x14My Mother, My Dick20/02/2001
6x15Glengarry Glen Dick17/04/2001
6x16Dick Soup for the Soul01/05/2001
6x17Mary Loves Scoochie (1)08/05/2001
6x18Mary Loves Scoochie (2)15/05/2001
6x19The Thing That Wouldn't Die (1)22/05/2001
6x20The Thing That Wouldn't Die (2)22/05/2001

3rd Rock from the Sun download
3rd Rock from the Sun 2 temporada
3rd Rock from the Sun 2 temporada
3rd Rock from the Sun online
download 3rd Rock from the Sun
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ver online 3rd Rock from the Sun
3rd Rock from the Sun 07 legenda
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3rd Rock from the Sun – 1ª Temporada – Legendado

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